Environmental protection is one of the most important company goals of the mbw Group! As an integral part of our environment, we are committed to conserving resources and using them efficiently. Our customers should be able to rely on the fact that we produce our products in an environmentally friendly manner according to the state of the art and we endeavour to always be one step more innovative than our competitors on the market. Environmental protection is also measurable in our company by recording all resources used and their systematic assessment. That is what makes our mission statement.

"Meeting customer requests in an environmentally friendly manner save resources" is an integral and implemented part of our company policy.

An example is the consistent implementation of the environmental stock-taking in the mbw Group is the Einbeck location. From 1994 to 2006, the water consumption was reduced from 110,000 m3 to 56,000 m3 through the optimisation in rinsing techniques and for the bath idle times. This essentially means that the usage of fresh water was cut in half. The quantity of the chemicals used for the waste water detoxification was reduced by over 20%.

New channels had to be opened through the EU Old Vehicle Ordinance (EU-Altautoverordnung), which allow Cr(VI)-free coating. Here, the mbw Group has met this task and has since offered several procedures with different passivation technique.

Environmentally-friendly coatings have negative effects through the reduction of the idle times and the increased disposal costs. Also here the mbw Group has dealt with future-oriented projects - such as the regeneration of passivation baths through a regeneration system for selective external metal removal from the thick film passivation bath and has thereby made a considerable contribution to environmental protection. In this process, which was promoted as part of the development by EU subsidies from the EFRE area, the bath can almost be operated without changing the bath. A change is only required for maintenance work. The result is a 100% savings in terms of the output parameters for chromium.

Regeneration Plant