The mbw Group, as a reliable partner for galvanic and chemical surface treatment, is always meeting new challenges and is developing future-oriented coating systems in conjunction with its partners.

With the entry of Old Vehicle Ordinance (EU legislative guidelines EOLV) into force, starting in July 2007, no vehicle may be brought into circulation which contains hexavalent chromium (regulation: free of hazardous materials and toxic substances), i.e. the automobile industry is expecting the availability of equal or better alternatives from its suppliers. As a customer-oriented service provider, the mbw Group has positioned itself to address these requirements in a timely manner and has worked to develop a coating system with its galvano-technologypartners which allows the cost-effective implementation of these specifications for large-scale production.

The system primarily consists of three components:

1. Galvanic zincing or zinc alloy separation from newly developed electrolytes with very good coat thickness distribution and malleability
2. Cr-VI-free passivation with considerably improved resistance against white rust and temperature stresses
3. Top coat corrosil with an anorganic, silicon basis, also Cr-VI-free, with very good resistance against wear, UV-rays, chemicals, solvents and temperature stress to 150C.

With this system, the mbw Group is meeting market requirements for coatings in terms of:

the highest corrosion resistance (to 720 h without base metal corrosion)
temperature resistance to 150C with upper corrosion resistance
good adhesion, ductility and malleability of coatings for the following processes without quality restrictions
variable appearance, with gloss and colour, and preferred target looks - transparent and black (e.g. stainless steel look)